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BRANDS X BETTER & How You Can Help

BRANDS X BETTER & How You Can Help

BRANDS x BETTER represents a new movement in how brands are more thoughtful in treating customers, teams and suppliers. As like-minded brands we have united in an effort to give back to those affected by COVID-19, while also supporting conscious consumer spending and do our part to keep the economy functioning.


THROUGHOUT APRIL, RINGHERO HAS PLEDGED 2% OF OUR GROSS SALES TO Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 states and more than 80 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies, without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay.

We are also committed to you, our RingHero squad, to keeping your rings safe, even while sheltering at home. As part of this commitment, we are excited to offer you 10% off your order for the entire month with code TOGETHER! So while you are getting some fresh air on walks, runs or bike rides; live streaming your fave fitness instructor on Instagram from your living room (looking at you Melissa Wood); jamming out to @CodyRigby’s love of Kevin from the Backstreet Boys on @onepeloton - don’t forget to #protectyourrings with RingHero.

We are proud to stand hand in hand with these upstanding brands and our hope for a brighter future begins with taking the first step. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Jess, Jessie, and Niki


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