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Safely store your engagement ring, wedding rings, small jewelry and other accessories in our zippered wristband. The accessory for all your accessories! Take it to the gym, a manicure, out for a run, boxing class, a hike or anywhere else that could cause damage to your rings and jewelry.

Built on a need to take your rings off

You take precautions to keep various things safe and protected, but what about your engagement and wedding rings?

How do you keep possibly the most expensive piece of jewelry you own safe throughout your day?

There are so many times you should or nee to take your rings off your fingers and you don’t have a safe place to store them: Enter RingHero

There's a better way

Made to keep rings on you at all times

Designed for anyone that has to take their ring off, but doesn't want to leave it out-of-site. RingHero can be work on your wrist, forearm or even around a phone or water bottle.

wrist band to hold air pods
stretchy wrist band with zipper pocket for rings

Fitness and Sports

Lifting Weights / At the Gym / CrossFit

Yoga / Pilates

Running / Biking / Cardio

Tennis / Squash / Racquet sports

Golf / Baseball / Softball

on the job

Nurse / Doctors / Hospital workers

Dentists / Dental Hygenists

Chef / Restaurant Staff

Personal Trainer


Coaches / Athletes

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