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Mom Hacks you NEED in your life and Back to School SALE

Mom Hacks you NEED in your life and Back to School SALE

The kids are back in school and we want to celebrate with some love to our tribe. Today through Tuesday September 3rd receive 15% off your entire order with code “LABORDAY15”.  
Back to school is a great time to get back into your workout routine and set some goals. Follow us on Instagram for inspiration and fitness motivation to keep you challenged and moving!  


We all have a million things on our plate so we want to help you mom smarter, not harder! As school starts up again morning routines get crazy and every minute is so important. Here are 12 things to do throughout your day to cut yourself a little break and maximize your time.

  1. Wake up an hour earlier than your kids, I know sounds crazy right? Why force yourself up so early? This extra hour of your morning will allow you to have quiet time and get your day sorted before the whole household wakes up and you are pulled in 10 directions.
  2. Pack your gym bag on Sunday with a week’s worth of workout clothes.  That way you are ready to go for a last minute yoga class or spin in between meetings. Don’t forget to keep one of your RingHero’s in your everyday bag, ready for whatever the day brings you! 
  3. Do playdates the French way. Instead of getting together all the time with your mom friends, take turns watching each other’s kids. And if your kids are anything like ours they are better behaved for other people versus mom!  
  4. If your child has a favorite toy or lovey, buy a second one (or third) and hide it and even wash it periodically—it will save a lot of tears when “Lamby" gets lost at the car show. 
  5. Here’s a laundry hack we just learned, use a mesh garment bag when washing your children’s socks. No more lost socks and the annoyance of moving all the tiny socks from the washer to the dryer.  Saves a lot of time! 
  6. Put children’s clothes away by outfits, shirts with pants folded together. That way your child can grab an outfit and is ready to go.  
  7. Keep a basket of "going out to dinner things" by the door—crayons, books, coloring stuff, playdough, stickers, small toys for example. Grab and go and keep your kids entertained at dinner.  
  8. Save yourself clean up time when the kids are asleep with the 10 minute family clean up.  Set the timer and everyone cleans up until the timer goes off.  
  9. When you cook your favorite dinner double the recipe and then freeze for easy meals when things are crazy and there’s no time to cook.  
  10. While cleaning up dinner, prep your kids lunches.  We often put leftovers in their lunches, so this way you are already in and out of the fridge cleaning up dinner. We love these bento boxes for kids from preschool and even into grade school.  
  11. Prep the coffee machine the night before, it’s amazing waking up to hot coffee! 
  12. I wish our mornings were less chaotic but that’s just life right now. We started prepping breakfast foods the night before. Our favorites include chia pudding and overnight oats. Kids love them and it saves the hassle of cooking an elaborate breakfast before school along with the chaos of getting everyone out the door on time.  

With 8 kids (all under 5 years old) between our RingHero team of three we know Mommin ain’t easy! Hopefully you have a tribe to support you and can find laughter in the truly crazy/chaotic moments. And thank goodness school is back in session! 

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