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We Will Do Better

We Will Do Better

We’ve been quiet with our RingHero community. We’ve taken this time to be angry, to process, to educate ourselves, and to reflect on our own actions and the actions of so many that are dividing our country. The most important question for us right now, what can RingHero (a company of 3 white women) do to support the black community and help efforts to end social injustices? We commit today to do so much better.  And we’ve put a plan together on how we CAN do better. We are sharing with you in the hopes that you too may be searching for ways to support #blacklivesmatter and people of color. Everyone has their own way of showing up and supporting, everyone’s path is different on what type of ally they want to be. We hope this list gives you resources on your own journey.  
We have lots to learn and are bound to make many mistakes along the way but the work begins now and here’s where we are starting: 
        • We are quieting our voices and addressing our privilege, all while listening to the leaders of the black community. 
        • We’ve downloaded “Pod Save the People” and “Code Switch” 
        • On Saturday June 6th at 10am ET we will be watching with our children as CNN and Sesame Street host a town hall tomorrow “Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism.” 
        • Adding films to our Netflix queue like “13th” and “When They See Us” and “See You Yesterday” making sure to broaden our reach and support black artists.  
      • WE ARE VOTING: 
          • District attorneys and state attorneys have power over investigating and charging officers with police misconduct.  Local elections will support those positions. Learn about the candidates and VOTE!  
          • You can register to vote here
              • 2% of our gross sales is going to Direct Relief which is making sure people most at risk in this pandemic are cared for - regardless of politics, religion or race. We are excited to continue our collaboration with BrandsXBetter and so many like-minded brands doing good.  
              • We will continue to volunteer and support Big Brother’s and Sister’s of Chicago and find new opportunities to give our time and energy to Chicago’s black community.  
              • We will support and uplift local Chicago black owned businesses.  
              • We will diversify our platforms and let all voices be heard!  
              We know this isn’t enough and this is an ongoing conversation. We would love to hear from you, send us an email at and let us know what else we can be doing. Keep up to date @yourringhero for resources and efforts to keep this movement and momentum going. We are in this together and we are hopeful!  

              Jessica, Jessie, and Niki
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