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What is RingHero?

What is RingHero?

We take a lot of precautions to keep our things safe and protected, but what about engagement and wedding rings? How do you keep possibly the most expensive piece of jewelry you own safe throughout your day? There are so many times it’s safer to take off your rings. But if you don’t have a safe place to store them, taking off your rings can be worrisome and risky.  That’s when RingHero comes to save the day! 

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RingHero is the wristband that keeps your rings safe. It’s easy, just place your rings inside the pocket, zip pocket, and slip on the wristband.  

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Why Should I Use A RingHero?

The first reason to use a RingHero is to protect your rings from scratches, damage and even diamonds falling out.  Any activity that bumps against your ring and can cause damage is a great time to take them off and zip them safely in a RingHero.  

Also metal can catch on surfaces and cause damage to your hand, it’s called ring avulsion and it’s pretty extreme. Taking off your rings is a much safer alternative! 

Who is RingHero great for? 

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What Can I Store in a RingHero?

We originally created RingHero to protect our engagement and wedding rings, because there was no safe option on the market. The benefit of RingHero’s pocket is you can fit a lot more than just your rings.  Here is a list of small items that you can store and keep safe inside a RingHero:

store key in wristband, store pills in wristband, ringhero protector for ring

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