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4 Ways to Fight Fatigue & Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

4 Ways to Fight Fatigue & Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

What We’re Loving: (4 Ways to Fight Fatigue)
Do you ever find yourself putting things like “why am I always tired?” or “ways to be more energetic” into your google search? We are constantly trying to find ways in our busy lives to boost our energy levels. Here are 4 questions to ask yourself to help increase your energy levels and even overall mood. 

1. Are you drinking enough water? We know we need water throughout the day but the day gets busy and we forget. It helps to have a bottle with you at all times, and we love this simple glass bottle. Downloading a hydration app is super helpful too, sending you reminders throughout the day to take a sip and checking in at water bottlethe end of the day to see if you hit your hydration goals. We love Daily Water app Everyone has different water needs based on exercise, environment (heat or altitude), general health, and if pregnant or breastfeeding. The app will help guide you on what you need each day. Trust us and take note on the days you hit your water goals and notice your energy levels and mood! 
2. Are you taking the right vitamins and minerals? We thought what we were taking enough supplements and covering the bases, but after routine blood work we learned what our bodies were missing. If you are in the Bay Area check out Dr. Edith Chan at Dan Tian Wellness. She does a full holistic consultation and puts together a treatment and healing plan for your individual needs. Our nutritional needs will change throughout different phases so it’s great to find out your deficiencies and then check back in 6 months to see how the supplements are helping. Here are one of our founders current supplements from left to right: probiotic, Vitamin D3, Inner Defense (essential oil immunity), Zinc drink, Folate, Collagen, digestive enzymes, and B-Complex. *We are not healthcare professionals so please check with your doctor about any supplements or recommendations.
3. What’s your night time routine? Screen time, bright lights, any type of overstimulation before bed makes it difficult to feel tired and ready for bed.  Instead try to dim the lights on your screens and house lights 2 hours before bedtime, telling your brain bedtime is arriving. If you are anything like us we get sucked into an Instagram black hole and suddenly it’s midnight. Instead plug your phone in away from your bed and take a break with a book or journal.  

calm app4. Have you tried daily meditations? Stress can cause feelings of fatigue so finding ways to manage your stress levels can help.  Daily meditations are super helpful to keep calm and focused throughout the day. We love the Calm app they even have meditations to help you fall asleep.
Fashion Focus (Bridesmaid Gift Ideas)
How is it possible to say thank you for all the love and support from bridesmaids? Well gifts are a nice start! Here we list our favorite bridal party gifts for every budget.  
For the bride with just a few bridesmaids gorgeous silk robes for your bridal party. Perfect for your bridal party pictures while getting ready.  Give your gals a pop of color with these monogrammed pouches the perfect little cosmetic pouch.  Flip flops are staples for any wedding, and these sweet Rose Gold sandals are perfect for day time or all night dancing at the wedding! Give your bridal party something custom they can cherish, like these custom water colors by Inslee Fariss.  Portable chargers are necessary as we eat away at our batteries on the big day, give them these Rose Mobile Chargers so they don’t miss a minute. RingHero makes the perfect gift for your ladies, help them keep their precious rings safe while primping on the big day and every day after.  Monogram gifts are always treasured! We love this affordable striped tote and the perfect purse compact.  Cheers to your wedding festivities and your amazing bridal parties! 
robemonogrammed toterose gold sandalpictureringherocompactmonogrammed totecharger
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  • I bet if you offered a custom monogram, letter, or logo on Ring Heros…they’d be a huge hit for weddings. I imagine a lot people would give them as gifts for brides to be if they said “Mrs….” on them! Or even for brides to give to their bridesmaids! Actually, I can even see them as gifts to the groom…I will likely buy one for my fiancee to give to him on our wedding day (the thought just occurred to me that this is a great idea and will eliminate a lot of opportunities for a lost ring). These are great but if they can have custom text, I bet they’d be an even bigger hit :)


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