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Interested in being the Growth Manager Intern at RingHero? Send us at email at with your resume and a little bit about you. Here are some details about what we are looking for:

About us

RingHero is THE athletic accessory that keeps your rings safe. Our specialized design is worn on your wrist to provide visible security for your rings while you hustle hard. We realize you may be weary of removing your rings while being active, however, wearing your rings in an environment where they can come into contact with hard surfaces will gradually bend the ring, loosen the settings and possibly cause the stones to fall out! Leaving them in your locker or car (among other creative places you’ve probably come up with) is VERY unsafe and leaves you at risk for loss or theft of your precious cargo. Whether you are wearing a wedding band, an engagement ring or family heirloom, you want to protect your rings for a lifetime – that is where RingHero comes in to save the day (and your rings)!

RingHero is the by-product of four friends that share the love of being active who would often brainstorm business ideas over red wine and realized we each encountered the same problem of protecting our rings when working out or playing sports with no real solution. If this were a problem for us, it had to be a problem for others right? After a survey sent out to friends proved it was, we knew we had to create a solution. The rest is history…and blood, sweat and tears. We had a successful Kickstarter campaign in the fall of 2016 and are currently in our second round of production which is adding two more colors to our suite of products coming out in August 2017.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a Growth Manager Intern to help us grow our customer base by helping us develop and support a full marketing strategy including social media, direct email marketing, relevant event research and retail and influencer outreach. Our goal is to enable thousands of people across the country to buy our product in the coming months. We are looking for someone who can help support us to shape, manage, and grow our brand recognition.

We estimate 5-10 hours/week depending on what we are working on. This is also an unpaid opportunity but the experience you will gain is invaluable! We are willing to work with your college/university so you can obtain independent study course credit if you are a student and interested in that.

What you will do

  • Help develop and support a winning marketing strategy
  • Brainstorm on social media post ideas, gathering future content, supporting social media calendar management
  • Research and collect future direct email campaign content
  • Identify and participate in events put on by the RingHero team relevant to our brand and product
  • Identify and outreach to potential retail partners and influencers
  • Help create a tactical plan for Organic User Acquisition
  • Work with Partners to define and reach growth goals which will help to continue to grow company at a rapid pace
  • Step up and get things done

About you

You love growing awesome products and getting things done. You enjoy working alongside a team of smart and creative women, hell-bent on getting the word out about our product and helping other women protect their precious gemstones one RingHero at a time.

Added bonus if you have graphic design, photo editing and/or branding experience.


  • Experience in Growth or Digital Marketing for a startup or rapidly-growing brand and team - or you have enough intelligence and experience to bring an equivalent amount of knowledge and capability
  • Ability to work independently
  • Self-started full of fresh ideas to bring to the table
  • Creativity in developing actionable analysis and recommendations
  • FUN!
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