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It’s NOT a Resolution it’s a Realization

It’s NOT a Resolution it’s a Realization

Oh New Year’s resolutions…  we have mixed feelings about setting, keeping, and all things resolutions. So when we saw it described as a Realization not a Resolution we were all for it! 

As we close out the year at RingHero both professionally and personally we reflect and reset. We asked each partner at RingHero for their view on 2020: 

Niki’s 2020 Realization: SLOW DOWN and BE THOUGHTFUL. “Normally, I go through my various pillars (or categories) and write down goals (for example, travel: plan ski trip; or health: run a 10k - ha, not gonna happen!). This year, I'll likely still do that because I love my lists and goals but an overarching theme I want to carry through in 2020 is to slow down and be thoughtful. I totally see now when successful people talk about carving out an hour or so a week to be thoughtful, journal, write kind cards, emails, etc, meditate. And by successful people, I mean CEOs who write about this in Forbes articles. Life has a way of spiraling out of control and I want to take the reins back in 2020. I have felt overrun and overworked and running from one event to the next (always late) but with feeling unconnected to it. I want to work on this year connecting to people more and taking the time to engage.”

Jessie’s 2020 Realization: PRESENCE and PURPOSE. “This past year brought so much change for my family (amazing and wonderful change!). We are finally getting settled and our routine is falling into place. My realization for 2020 is to fully commit and be present through each part of my day. Allowing me to give 100% attention in that particular moment for my family, for my business and for myself. To stay on track and focus throughout the day I’ll set an alarm on my phone every few hours and remind myself “Be Present Jessie”. My secondary focus for 2020 will be purpose - making choices that bring joy and purpose in my life and those around me. I guess you could call it a “does this bring me joy?” mantra ~ thanks Marie Kondo. Asking this question will help me prioritize what’s really important and weed out the rest. Cheers to 2020 and your best year yet!” 

Jessica’s 2020 Realization: “To be totally authentic and honest I’m not one for resolutions; I don’t set them when New Years comes around each year. I prefer to set goals throughout the year (a few of my goals from last year were celery detox, FFactor, and run a 10k). Excited to see what’s in store this year! 

Here’s a fun exercise for the new year:

Wishing you and your family a safe, happy and healthy New Year ~ cheers to an amazing 2020.

Jessie, Niki and Jess

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