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Making travel plans for 2020? Read this first!

Making travel plans for 2020? Read this first!

With a fresh start to 2020 we’ve sat down and planned out our travel for the year. I know seems a little crazy right, but we love to travel and explore new cities with and without our kids and it takes planning.  Whether it’s a weekend road trip or a trip that takes a year to plan we love it all! We thought it would be fun to ask our three founders for their favorite travel spots and maybe spark some ideas for your 2020/2021 travel plans. The ladies are each sharing three places; favorite spot with the family, favorite adult vacation spot, and dream vacation. Half the fun of traveling is the planning and prep work, well that’s just what we think :) Read on to spark your travel bug!  

Jessica’s Picks:

Favorite Family Vacation Spot: 

Finest, Playa Mujeres by far and away. We're going this month for our 4th year in a row as a family. Amazing food, service, beach, ambiance and people. So many fun things for kids and adults to do alike. It's easy to get to, 40 minutes by shuttle from Cancun airport and super safe. 

Favorite Adult Vacation Spot:

South of France. We got engaged in Paris, honeymooned here and spent our 5 year anniversary going back to South of France. Holds a special place in our hearts. We both speak french (to varying degrees), fell in love with the country, small cafes, lots of wine, and amazing people. We went to the Monaco Grand Prix twice which is a splurge but worth it if you can swing it. My tip-stay in Juan Les Pins, small beach town next to Antibes, at Hotel Helios. It’s a small boutique hotel, super affordable, with private beach access. Everything in South of France is 40 minutes or less by train so it's a great homebase to explore all the little towns down there.

Dream Vacation: Maldives. Getting there these days with two small children at home (it's soooooo far and to make the travel worth it, we'd need to stay for longer than i'd like with the kids) might not be a reality but someday!

Jessie's Picks

Favorite Family Vacation Spot: 

Palm Springs is my top pick! We like to rent a house through Airbnb or Oasis Rentals and our favorite neighborhood is Old Las Palmas, this past trip we stayed two blocks from Elvis and Priscilla’s honeymoon house! It’s a beautiful area of Palm Springs, think old Hollywood glamor right up against the mountains. The mid century architecture in Palm Springs is my favorite and they have incredible bike or walking architectural tours. Surrounding Palm Springs there are great day trips to change things up. We love Joshua Tree (50 min drive) and Legoland (2 hour drive) for a change of scenery.  

Favorite Adult Vacation Spot: 

For our 10 year anniversary we went to Kauai with no kids! And it was magical.  Did you know that the song “Puff the Magic Dragon” was talking about a little place in Kauai called Hanalei Bay? Well truth is they misspelled it in the song but were really talking about the same place.  “In a land called Honahlee”. Anyway back to the destination, it’s so green and lush. We stayed at the Princeville Resort  which was the perfect location.  The hotel was close to Hanalei Bay, which is this adorable beach town with great food, bars and beaches that makes you want to relocate to Hawaii! Since we were kidless we wanted to do a few things we could only do as adults, so we took an incredible rafting trip up the Napalii coast and it was breathtaking, the views were spectacular and we watched a group of maybe 100 dolphins swim right under us. We rented a Jeep and drove the entire island, stopping at about 4 different beaches to really see the entire landscape and heart of Kauai. This island is magical! 

Dream Vacation: Goa 

Niki's Picks

Favorite Family Vacation Spot:

Fairmont Bermuda has everything imaginable for a family getaway - the usual cribs, high chairs, kid friendly food. However, it's really the staff and how they accommodate to little travelers. Great beach access with the softest sand, nice pool with a small kid pool with a slide. Concierge is super helpful finding sitters and booking dinner reservations. The rooms are spacious and provide easy connecting rooms to give your kids separate sleeping quarters. Bermuda is Zika free and direct flights to/from Chicago makes it super easy! 

Favorite Adult Vacation Spot: 

Ski trip to Montage Deer Valley. Shredding some fresh powder, wine and chess by the fire and ski-in ski-out. Is there anything better?? 

Dream Vacation: 

So many to choose from!! An over the water hut in Bora Bora. African Safari to see real baby elephants. Explore my old stomping grounds in Australia. It’ll all happen one day (I hope!) when the kids are more tolerable to long flights (please tell me that will happen?!) and when we win the lottery...or RingHero is on the wrist of every married/engaged/fit woman in the world! #goals

We all have one thing in common-we bring our RingHero's with us to protect our bling on all our travels. ✌


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