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Spring 2017 RingHero Newsletter

Spring 2017 RingHero Newsletter

Please continue to share how you are protecting your rings and tag us on social media with #MYRINGHERO & #PROTECTYOURRINGS!



Since launching RingHero we’ve learned A LOT and are excited to announce we are launching into retail this month! With this new venture we revised our price and effective May 15th, RingHero will retail for $28.99. That said, as our early supporters, we want to give all of you one last chance to buy a RingHero (or a few) at the current price of $20. As an added bonus, we are including a code you can use at checkout for 10% off: RHLASTCHANCE10.

We have our first retail location stocked and ready to sell RingHero. Wahoo! We are now for sale at Sheffners in Beverly, Chicago IL. This was a huge goal and our excitement has us popping bubbly!

If you think RingHero belongs in your local fitness studio, gym, boutique, jewelry store and more, just shoot us their information at
We’d like to introduce a series we are calling How did you move? #KEEPMOVING
Each month, we’ll be featuring one of YOU and how you are being creative in wearing your RingHero. We love seeing you all tagging us on social media so please continue to do that with #MYRINGHERO & #PROTECTYOURRINGS! If you’d like to be featured in our monthly newsletter, please send us your picture and a little note about how you wore it to


Fitness Plan We're Loving: Tracey Anderson's Core Moves found HERE. Perfect for getting those abs in shape for the summer and doable on the go for those weekday warriors. Equally perfect for those new mommies looking to tone it up-as 3 of the 4 RingHero founders all had babies recently!

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