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We Have A New Collaboration, Guess Who???

We Have A New Collaboration, Guess Who???

RingHero Business Update  📣  Collaboration alert!
We are extremely excited to announce a new collaboration with the private jeweler Stephanie Gottlieb! She’s known for her gorgeous engagement rings, wedding bands and stunning bracelets. And now we can help her clients protect those stunning rings! Follow @stephaniegottlieb and @dailydosebysg on Instagram for her on trend accessories and luxury jewelry.

Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry

Be Your Best Self (Disrupting Your Routine)

We, at RingHero, are planners, organizers and ladies who love to stay in routine.  To be completely honest summer has been a challenge. We loved our vacations, time to see family and the laid back joys of the summer but we would be lying if we said the lack of consistency and schedule wasn’t difficult to maintain.  Maybe you are really good at flexibility and flourish on variety, please teach us your ways! But if you are like us it’s a challenge. This summer we recognized early and began researching how to embrace the change (really we want to say chaos because that’s how it felt) of routine. Here’s a few ideas that helped us find a different perspective this summer:

1. Give Up Control: when you are off your routine it feels like you have lost control. We tried to switch our thinking and see the positive of breaking routine.  We chose to detour our schedule and there’s power in new thinking, or power in breaking bad habits.

2. Challenge Yourself With the Unfamiliar; our brains get lazy and gravitate toward what’s familiar.  Unfamiliar places and situations help us break out of the same day to day.  Expanding and embracing the newness will expand our boundaries. 

3. Give Yourself a Fresh Start; the power of a fresh start.  So things fell apart this summer, lots of travel, different food habits, kids going crazy.  Now it’s back to school and it’s a fresh start for everyone. The power of a fresh start can have a major effect on our psyche, creating positive behavioral changes.  

4. Embrace Impromptu- last minute situations; musicians and comedians are skilled at improv and the impromptu approach. This can feel super uncomfortable for the over schedulers like us, but it’s freeing if you let it ride and accept the unknown.  

Clearly a routine has it’s benefits (keeps us on track and helps give our hectic lives rhythm) but this summer embracing this offbeat mentality and lack of routine was eye opening and pushed us into new territory. Happy to say we came out of the chaos with a new view on how to balance variety and routines.

 What We’re Loving: (Beauty Must Haves)

 We are all about health; staying active, eating clean (still having a treat here and there), and finding a healthy mental balance. In addition to eating clean we are learning the importance of using clean personal care products.  What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies. Although the beauty industry as a whole is far behind regulating the safety of products there are companies at the forefront of this movement. Just like food items reading the labels on personal care items is just as important.  How do you know what to avoid? Certain chemicals can do damage and the research is clear to avoid these culprits. The top three offenders include; parabens, phthalates, and sulphates. These ingredients are linked to cancers, hormone disruptors, fertility issues, and allergies. Look for companies that are fully transparent with their ingredients.  Here are four products we are loving as summer closes out and fall begins, all formulated by companies focusing on safety. Sunny days lead to sweat and shine, we’ve been using Cowshed Chamomile Toner and love the smell and the ingredients!  As our summer glow fades we’ve been looking for a little color boost, and we found a safe option from The Organic Pharmacy Self Tan and we are loving the results. Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer (SPF 20) is perfect for a dewy glow and the just the right amount of daily coverage. Now that our skin is in check with shine, tan and coverage what about our teeth? We found a safe Teeth Whitener by Smart Ash and it really works. Snap a pic while brushing your teeth with this black tooth powder, we promise it will make a great IG post!  Have any safe beauty must haves? We would love to know! Drop us a line at

mositerizerCowshedSmart Ash 


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